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The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colon. the exchange rate varies from day to day. 

The sales tax rate is 13%. Always find out if the sales tax is included in the price of the goods you are purchasing. In restaurants and bars an additional 10% service tax is charged. Due to this additional 10% service charge, tipping is optional there.

Do not leave jewelry, cameras, or other electronics unattended in a car. Carry your wallet in an inconspicuous place.

Renting a car

A current driver's license is necessary, along with a credit card. The driver must be over 18 years of age, and a deposit will most likely be required. Driving is American style - on the right side of the road. International traffic signs are used on all streets and roads.

Every year, thousands of foreign passports us-passport-shadow1are stolen by pickpockets, or from locked cars or backpacks. This causes travelers a great deal of inconvenience as considerable time can be required to replace the passport.
The Director General of Costa Rican Immigration allows tourists to travel within the country with a photocopy of the passport. Take advantage of this by carrying a copy of your passport and leaving the original in your vacation rental home.
Click here to visit the US State Department's information page on travel to Costa Rica.

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